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Arno De Pooter - Untitled project 


Autumn Life in the Russian Countryside with @edgy_frog

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“Spending time in my countryside house, ‘dacha,’ is always special for me, especially in autumn. It is sad that we can not capture the smell of autumn leaves or fallen apples on the ground in photography,” says Instagrammer Yulia Tepaeva (@edgy_frog) from Vladimir, Russia. “I love the aesthetic of the north. A morning fog, swallows flying around a nest above my window, wheat in my hand. These small details help create a special mood in my photography,” Yulia says. Her love of country life is visible throughout her Instagram feed. “I run through the wind in the forest, and in every type of weather, just to capture the perfect image. My phone and its battery always give up before I do.”

May this next year bring you closer to Christ and farther away from the lesser passions which would steal you from Him.
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Hammock fun 

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